Il “first minister of Scotland”, Alex Salmond, nominato “politico dell’anno” dalla Political Studies Association of the UK.

Si tratta di un prestigioso riconoscimento che l’importante istituzione accademica consegna ogni anno ai politici che si sono distinti per le loro capacità (anche comunicative) e che hanno, nel contempo, onorato la democrazia. Un leader popolare ma non populista; un leader “orizzontale”, come l’avevamo definito già diversi mesi fa. Un successo (meritato) per Mr. Salmond ma anche per noi e per la capacità del nostro Centro di saper analizzare e interpretare i fenomeni politici più importanti.

Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSPPolitician of the Year

Salmond, who previously won this award in 2007, was again selected unanimously by the judging panel for this award. They said: ‘At the last Scottish Parliamentary Elections Alex Salmond demonstrated the full extent of his political skill. The campaign run under Salmond’s leadership not only resulted in the party’s best election result since the 1970s but also in a mathematically improbable majority. This performance demonstrates not only Salmond’s appeal and political prowess but also the traits which single him out as Politician of the Year.’ In pursuing the SNP agenda Alex Salmond has expanded the party’s appeal beyond the issue of national independence, a feat which helped secure its historic victory in the 2011 elections. However, Salmond is committed to pursuing the issue of independence and when asked in a recent interview for the Times; ‘What is the earliest at which Scotland could become independent?’ he stated: ‘I am working on a referendum for this Parliament, so in a few years at the earliest. I believe the destination of Scottish independence is as near inevitable as anything can be.’